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CopyAI is a copywriting tool that promises to cut down on your workload and boost your click-through and conversion rates.

On its webpage, they boast that the technology can overcome writer’s block and produce effective marketing content in seconds.

It won’t do miracles like generate complete blog entries with a single click, but it will help you produce quality content like blog titles, blog outlines, points to paragraphs, introductions, and conclusions.

For this reason, we conducted an extensive review of CopyAI, an AI blog post generator.

What Is Copy AI? homepage

Copy AI is among the best AI writing tools that use AI to write content and generate marketing copy based on human input. With the use of NLP and ML, it can generate copy in the voice of your choice.

It’s artificial intelligence software that’s designed to aid content writers in writing promotional copy and coming up with fresh ideas.

This artificial intelligence copywriting tool can be used with any subject matter. The more than 90 included templates cover a wide range of uses.

Blog posts, articles, product descriptions, social media content, sales copy, and many more. is a helpful copywriting software for creating content ideas or getting productive for your next social media post.

More than four million digital business owners worldwide have used to do everything from expanding their operations to developing novel revenue streams.

Despite its initial focus on copywriters, it has just released a blog post wizard that employs AI to generate complete blog content.

Bloggers may now use blog post generators to overcome procrastination and publish their work more quickly.

The most imaginative freelance writer can take advantage of Copy AI’s AI copywriter capabilities, which include a Freestyle mode with personalized tools like greeting cards, personal letters, and much more.

Who is the Copy AI Best For?

Who Would Benefit Most from Using Copy AI? is an excellent tool for digital marketers, a blog post generator, or other online business owners that value efficiency and want to shorten the time it takes to write and publish content. Content for blogs, landing pages, social media, sales letters, email marketing, and other advanced features.

It mainly offers 5 or 6 distinct service categories:

  1. Descriptions of products for online shops.

  2. Online advertisements (such as those displayed on Google) and social media posts (such as those displayed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin)

  3. It generate ad copy, including blog post concepts, frameworks, meta descriptions, and so on

  4. Online and offline advertising copy

  5. Subject lines, email content for autoresponders and sales funnels, and more

  6. Internet advertisement writing and product descriptions are their forte.

This AI article writer can produce high-quality material and copy so quickly is incredible (and don’t forget to check out our analysis of Copy AI vs. Jasper AI). Yet, as stated, it works best as a long-form assistant; for optimal results, only copy and paste a paragraph or more at once. The technology isn’t quite there yet to automatically generate entire blog posts—say, a 1500-word article—in a matter of seconds.

But it can be utilized as an AI content generator; it simply needs a lot of human editing & fact-checking.

The tool’s usefulness extends outside the realm of content marketing, too. In addition, it features a “fun personal tools” section in which you can use artificial intelligence to make anything from a love letter to a birthday card.

What does the Copy AI writer provide?

The powerful artificial intelligence technology, Copy AI writer, is one of the many ways productivity can be increased.

In addition to assisting you in constructing SEO-friendly content for your audience, they include many features that can be accessed from a single location to make the writing more fluid and consistent.

The following is a list of the main characteristics offered by Copy AI:

More than Ninety Sample Copywriting Templates

When we are working on a project, there isn’t always enough time for us to think up original concepts. This is where the templates provided by Copy AI come in helpful!

When there are more than 90 different tools and templates to choose from, there is no reason to recreate the wheel continually. To get started on your next project, you choose the most suitable format to your requirements and then jump right in.

Simply make sure that you train the tool by sharing information about the stuff you are looking for as well as suggestions for what you are looking for. If you utilize the Pro edition, you will be able to generate an infinite amount of website text, blog titles, outline ideas, and ideas for blog posts.

Add-ons for your Browser

Copy AI may be used on a website or blog owned by anyone, regardless of their degree of technical expertise, thanks to a browser extension that eliminates the need for users to open a different webpage on their personal computer or mobile device.

Copy AI Chrome Extension can save you a lot of space and time in the domain of infinite tabs if you have several tabs open when conducting research and writing content.

Plagiarism Checker

Copy AI’s premium accounts come equipped with a plagiarism checker that can guide you away from plagiarizing others’ work.

This program performs a comparison of the newly created content to the content of other websites to ensure that nothing has been copied from another source.

On the other hand, some customers have found that the plagiarism detector offered by Copy AI is simpler to use than other checkers such as Copyscape. Therefore, despite the fact that the tool is useful, you shouldn’t put all of your faith in it when you create long-form content.


The rewriting tool is another function that users find helpful for their e-commerce platforms. You can make your work appear briefer by rewriting and rephrasing it with the assistance of this tool.

In addition to this, it can assist you in developing your writing skills, whether you produce short-form or write long-form content. This is done to create long-form, readable content and increase engagement with the core audience.


The translator is frequently among the key features that end users make use of in the course of their content generation.

Customers can choose from one of 25 different languages whenever material needs to be written in a foreign language. They speak a variety of tongues, including Spanish, German, Mandarin, English, and others.

Grammar Checker

Another helpful tool for enhancing the quality of your text is a grammar checker.

Through the use of this technology, grammar, and spelling errors that may manifest themselves can be automatically rectified. When you go back and proofread, it will pick out errors like these for you automatically.

Highlights of Copy AI

The GPT-3 platform is the foundation of Copy AI. This ground-breaking technology makes use of neural networks and machine learning to generate long-form content while requiring only a small number of user inputs.

Over 175 billion machine learning inputs are utilized by the GPT-3 technology, which is apparently the largest neural network that will ever be built up until the year 2021.

Because of this technology, the copies created by Copy AI have the same tone and cadence as if a real person had written them.

In light of this, let’s have a look at some of the other ridiculous powers that Copy AI possesses:

Copy AI is the All-in-one Copywriter for Your Business.

Copy.AI is able to support ALL of the primary forms of copy, including sales copy, creating short-form content, long-form content, social media postings, blog material, website tools, descriptions, personal copy support, novel and story descriptions, and digital advertisement copies.

Complete Answer for Online Advertising and Marketing

When it comes to the tools necessary to create a successful marketing business, Copy AI has them all.

Copy AI possesses characteristics that have the potential to cut down on marketing expenses by completely eliminating the requirement for freelance marketers.

The characteristics of this application make it possible for a person with no prior experience in marketing to run a full-fledged marketing agency successfully.

Smooth Onboarding and a Minimal Learning Curve Characterize Copy AI

A student in the sixth grade would be able to understand the written content and use the tool’s UI. Copy AI allows you to test out their services risk-free by providing a seven-day trial period during which you do not need to provide a credit card. The user interface is also simple to understand and operate, and many visual clues are present.

Copy AI Creates Nearly Unlimited Data with a Few Clicks

Whether it’s for ad copy or product descriptions, the tool is created to generate content as quickly as possible.

The user only needs to select the most important data for their purposes, then either save it or copy it for later use.

Copy AI can Help you Come up with New Ideas

Unique to Copy AI is the toolset they use specifically to develop ideas. After providing just a few simple pieces of information, the AI engine will present you with a number of suggestions for viral content. After that, you can develop your content strategies by expanding on these ideas.

Copy AI is Helpful for Personal Journals, Letters, and CVs

Your thoughts and sentiments can be articulated verbatim by copy AI. The technology can support a wide variety of content, from social biographies to love letters.

Copy AI can Help you Overcome Writer’s Block

Copy AI enhances your capabilities by providing tools for composing tale plots, character introductions, and augmentation of verbs and adjectives, to name a few examples.

Copy AI Will Make Blogging Much Quicker

Copy.AI provides assistance with generating ideas for blogs, outlining blogs, writing introductions and specific paragraphs, writing posts in the form of listicles, and much more.

The tool provides access to a variety of additional tools and functions. Copy.AI surpasses expectations in practically all of the capabilities for which it was developed. It does very well when applied to marketing copies.

How to use Copy AI?

Create an account with Copy AI


Copy.AI provides a free trial that lasts for one week. There is no need to use a credit card for this. Following the conclusion of the free trial period, Copy AI will begin charging a monthly fee of $30.

Choose the language for both the input and output

You get to choose the method used to create the material. Copy AI is available to be used in over a dozen different languages!

Look at the Toolbar on the Left to Learn More About Copy AI’s Functionalities

The Copy AI platform features a wide variety of functionalities that, when combined, will make developing new material simpler and more efficient. You can get inspiration here for how to write blog posts, articles, and other sorts of content by selecting from various templates. This is the location where you can develop these ideas.

Choose a Copy AI Template That Suits Your Needs

You can select a template from the provided list or develop your own from scratch.

After that, the ‘Playground’ component of Copy AI will automatically produce a copy based on the provided template. This is the place where all the magic takes place. In the event that the result does not meet your expectations, the tool can produce more copies. After that, you can copy and save this information.

Make Changes to the Copy Using Your Vocabulary

You might need to make some additional edits to the text in order to personalize it further. Use it just as it is if it meets all of your requirements.

Use Cases for the Implementation of Copy AI in Content Creation

Using Copy AI to Write Effective Sales Copy

Copy AI can assist you when you are writing a sales copy by advising you on how to advertise your product and leverage emotional triggers for clients.

Copy AI also comes with pre-defined templates that might be a source of inspiration for you when designing your own effective document.

The following kinds of templates are available to be used with Copy AI:

  1. Feature-Advantage-Benefit

  2. Pain-Agitate-Solution

  3. Marketing Angles

  4. AIDA Copywriting

  5. Before-After-Bridge

  6. QUEST Copywriting

  7. Feature to Benefit

  8. Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal

Step 1:

Choose the format you want to use for the sales copy. We have utilized the AIDA (attention-interest-desire-action) structure in this illustration.

Step 2:

In the ‘playground’ area, enter the product, along with a description of it.

Step 3:

After you press the Create button, sit back and enjoy the show. Copy. AI will generate several different instances of a sales copy for the product in AIDA format.

We endeavored to write a sales copy using the AIDA format for the product, which was Amazon Alexa. Take a look at the outcomes. Approximately ten seconds were spent producing these. If you want to do this manually, it will take even the most experienced copywriters at least an hour to do this task. And there’s one more thing, Copy. AI was tasked with the creation of multiple iterations of copy for us!

Using Copy.AI to Write a Product Description

To develop product descriptions with Copy.AI, let’s use the same example product.

Step 1:

Choose the “Product Description” template that best fits your needs from the list on the left.

Step 2:

Fill out the ‘playground’ part of the form with the product’s name and description. Put as much detail as possible into your description to ensure you get the most accurate results from Copy.AI.

Step 3:

Hit create. You will see many versions of product descriptions.

Step 4:

You should make copies and save copies of all the probable descriptions you found appealing and then use those descriptions for your goal.

Applications of Copy AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Copy AI can aid you in the production of a wide range of content types, including the following:

Blog Content

Copy AI provides a number of different templates that can be used to assist you in writing blog posts. It works great as a blog post generator. These templates can be used for various aspects, such as a title, a blog outline, etc. Compared to other AI writing tools, the production of blog posts is far easier.

However, you’ll have to do a lot of editing if you decide to go all-in with a blog article. It is also not worthwhile it because Google punishes material that AI generates with lower search rankings.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to use Copy AI to aid you in creating blogs, which will keep you from being stuck in a creative rut.

Social Media Content

Copy AI provides users with a variety of templates that may be used for writing captions for social media posts, product descriptions, or digital ad copies. Promotion of the event and associated contests or giveaways will be most fruitful.

Each template is customized specifically for the post it is meant to accompany. Therefore, if you want social media marketing text tailored to your audience, the copywriting software offered by Copy AI is an excellent choice for you.

Email Content

Excellent email templates can be found on the Copy AI website. You can obtain assistance with the construction of a welcome email, the promo, a newsletter, and a cold outreach email if you so desire. In a nutshell, everything that a regular business requires.

In addition, the structure required for sending emails is already implemented in these templates, making it easy to get started sending messages. However, you need to verify the results using other sources.

Aside from that, anybody who sends a large number of emails will find that Copy AI is a helpful tool.

Website Copy

This section is one of the shortest in the Copy AI guide and has a smaller number of templates than the others. You will profit from using the templates for the sales landing page as well as the About us section.

However, if you hire them, you shouldn’t have high hopes for the results. A comprehensive landing page is required for this. In addition to that, it is monotonous and irritating.

Due to the fact that it is a generic duplicate, you will not be able to use it anywhere. Landing page parts would benefit greatly from the utilization of the templates. Nevertheless, you can figure out the remainder using the resources at your disposal.

When compared to the website copy, the area devoted to case studies contains a sizeable number of additional templates. Additionally, it can assist you in developing a consumer proposal, an outline of a case study, and other documents of a similar nature.

However, the quality of the stuff that is produced is unimpressive. If you are interested in carrying out a case study, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an expert in marketing. There are currently more useful applications for artificial intelligence’s automated creativity tools.

Video Content

Copy AI is unable to provide assistance in writing an entire video screenplay for you. You will still be responsible for doing it on your own.

However, in contrast to Jasper, they don’t make a commitment to accomplishing it and then completely bomb at it.

Copy AI is being truthful with its users by stating that it will provide some video content templates. You really ought to give the video introduction template a shot. Because it’s already decent, you can work on improving it to make it publishable.

General Business Content

The term “general business” does not do justice to the information that is being provided to you here.

You may anticipate advertising text, product details, or perhaps a writing helper from a post with such a title.

Because the majority of the information that you obtain relates to the application process, a more appropriate title for this section would be “HR Templates.”

It would appear that the templates are helpful for writing job descriptions or rejection letters from the outside looking in.

You might assume that it can help to simplify the process of providing individualized responses to people who have applied for jobs. However, this strategy did not work.

You can write the material as you are filling in the necessary details, which is time that can be used productively to generate high-quality content.

Some Suggestions on How to Make the Most of Copy AI

Lengthen the Descriptions of your Products

More detailed descriptions will provide more input for CopyAI. Because of this, the AI will be able to search through a variety of data sources and produce the most useful output for you.

Keep Clicking the Make Copy button

When you click the make a copy button, CopyAI will produce an entirely different output each time. You will have a lot of material to work with for your copy as a result of this. Continue to produce more results until you reach a point where you are content.

Save your Favourite Outputs

Any output can be saved in your library for further use. This will make it easier for you to generate content rapidly whenever required!

Use Multiple Email Addresses to Extend the Duration of Your Free Trial

Most small firms cannot pay a price of $30 per month for this service. Spread out your use of the program so that you can maintain taking advantage of the free 7-day trial even if your needs change within that time. The Positives and Negatives

The following is a concise summary of our review of Copy ai writing assistant, which discusses both the positive and negative aspects of utilizing this AI-powered article creation service.


  • Provides users with a free trial of their Pro subscription for one week

  • Develop close to one hundred distinct categories of content.

  • User interface that is spotless and well-organized

  • Categories for the project and a tidier arrangement of the content

  • Frameworks for AIDA and PAS are supported.

  • Help Center that covers everything

  • Provide in-app collaboration feature

  • AI writing tool suitable for ecommerce platforms, marketing agencies, and even for marketing ideas


  • Verification of facts and human modification is essential.

  • It’s possible that the generated content is too unpredictable.

  • Creating content in the form of lengthy writing needs multiple phases.

  • It may sometimes lag

Copy AI Pricing

Unlike many competitors, Copy AI writing assistant provides a simple plan with unlimited words. In addition to this, they provide a free trial of the premium package for a period of seven days as well as a free-for-life plan that has a word limit of 2,000 every month.

Free plan

The Free plan or free trial of Copy AI includes:

  • A single user’s seat.

  • Blog post generator.

  • Creating long-form content.

  • Over 90 tools for copywriting.

  • There are unlimited projects.

  • Moreover, the Pro plan offers a 7-day free trial.

Premier ($36/month)

All of the aforementioned benefits of the free trial are included in ai powered copywriting tool Pro package as well as:

  • Unlimited access on the number of words, unlike the free trial

  • There are multiple clients or seats.

  • Blog post wizard.

  • Bulk content generation.

  • Priority help.

  • Access to the most recent features. Such as a built-in plagiarism checker.

  • In addition, more than 25 language options for content.

This cost is based on an annual plan with a 25% discount. If you’re a business owner who pays freelance article writers, a premium subscription can help you save a lot of money every month. Paying for is a good idea.

Copy AI Custom Plan

Copy AI copywriting software has a third package available for businesses that require more than 20 seats. There is no other information that can be provided except this one. You will need to get in touch with them to obtain further information.

Comparison of Prices for Copy AI Services

New users interested in putting this AI writing tool through its paces can do so with Copy AI’s free trial. It provides 2,000 words per month to investigate the many copywriting templates accessibly.

The Pro plan is the greatest plan that Copy AI has to offer. With this plan, you may adjust the word creation limit to meet your needs by either increasing it or decreasing it. In addition, you will have access to all of the premium capabilities available in Copy AI.

Is It Worth It to Pay the Price for Copy AI?

Within the list of ai powered copywriting tools, this one is an extremely cost-effective AI writing tool that costs just $36 a month and provides users with more than 90 copywriting templates. As mentioned, Copy AI is a product loaded with features and is the go-to choice of thousands of content creators and copywriters. Compared to other AI copywriting tools on the market, this one offers a very competitive set of functionality for the price it costs.

Alternatives to the Copy AI 

Consider some of the basic copywriting tools or copy ai alternatives that are listed below if you are not interested in using it.

The following are some of the best alternatives to Copy AI copywriting tools (ai content generators) :

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an alternative to the Copy AI copywriting tool.

It also comes with an editor that supports multiple languages and more than fifty templates that may help you write material that is original, innovative, and optimized for search engines.

On the other hand, Jasper AI’s Boss Mode makes it possible to generate excellent long-form blog posts, which Copy AI does not do. While Chat-GPT use its own own proprietary ai technology to generate ai content.


The following website on the list is WriteSonic, which offers both long-form and short-form writing of superior quality. Even though this ai copywriting tool initially only featured a restricted number of features, it now boasts many of them, which places it one of the most exceptional copywriting tools available on the market.

There are a number of similarities between WriteSonic and Copy AI, including the copywriting equations (AIDA and PAS), descriptions, and other components. This program also allows you to create content, develop landing pages that will prove useful for your various marketing endeavors if you employ them.



Now is the time for which you have all been waiting, finally. After reading different Copy AI reviews you may still wonder, is it a good idea to make use of Copy AI?

Yes, Copy AI is one of the best ai writing tools that you should have in your toolbox. You can get the best ai generated content using this tool.

Writing requires effort, from conducting keyword research and connecting google ads account to composing briefs and afterward bringing everything together with an original approach to create content. This is not a straightforward process.

Does Copy AI serve as a suitable substitute for a skilled SEO content writer? No.

Does the use of Copy AI reduce the amount of time needed to produce high-quality content? Yes.

Writing tools that are powered by AI are frequently misunderstood. They are neither insufficient nor without value. However, this time it’s another ai writing tool that will assist you in improving your content game.

There are many AI alternatives such as Peppertype AI is also a great Copy AI alternative that creates content fast.

People can only bet on the correctness and relevance of the content that is produced by copywriting tool i.e. Copy AI, despite the fact that it is currently the real game-changer in terms of AI copywriting.

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