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Copysmith is a novel innovation in the IT sector, made for the modern era of digital disruption. This service uses AI to generate several marketing texts for your use. Obviously, this can be a bit faster than generating copy yourself or via a writing team, albeit there are several benefits and cons to consider.

Here is everything you need to know about Copysmith.

What is Copysmith?

Copysmith is an AI-powered platform loaded with features and tools for authors. The website claims the tool will let you spend less time staring at a new page and create high-converting ads, emails, and product descriptions. There is nothing wrong if we include Copysmith in the best ai writing tools.

Copysmith’s unique integrations include a plagiarism checker and SEO keyword integration driven by Frase. Copysmith gives you access to a content producer that works around the clock, allowing you to expand the reach of your marketing efforts rapidly. Product descriptions, blog post ideas, and rewrites of your favorite articles are all available here.

Copysmith goes beyond just assisting with content creation by also offering tools for managing your copy assets. With Copysmith, you get a centralized platform for storing and accessing your content, fine-tuning it to perfection, and importing and exporting CSVs, among other functionalities. Moreover, Copysmith fosters collaboration and teamwork among users.

Who Should Use Copysmith?

  • Copysmith is an excellent tool for those in the blogging community, marketing industry, content creation industry, freelancing community, and e-commerce industry. The blog writing templates make everything relatively easy for Copysmith users.

  • Copysmith may help a marketing team or agency save time and money on content creation.

  • Copysmith is an excellent diversion for bloggers and content creators. As a result, they’ll have more time for other parts of blogging, like advertising their site and engaging with their audience. It helps boost your google ads on blogs.

Features of Copysmith

Copysmith has many tools that can speed up the process of writing high-quality content. The main features are as follows:

Generating ideas

Copysmith users can use it to generate fresh ideas in their area by analyzing their existing material with a machine-learning algorithm. Copysmith also considers what’s trendy on social media and what’s hot in your field.

Create Blog Posts and Other Short Form Content

Thanks to its AI, Copysmith can produce in-depth blog content. Simply type in a subject or term, and the AI tool will handle the rest.

The best thing is that you can be confident in the articles’ high search engine rankings because they are carefully written and optimized for search engines.

 Plagiarism Checker

You may rest assured that your work is original, thanks to Copysmith’s built-in plagiarism detection. That’s crucial, as Google downgrades sites with too much duplicate content.

To put it simply, content is what matters most to internet audiences. It’s not enough to have information that’s interesting to readers; you also need content that’s original and up-to-date if you want to succeed.

Grammar Checker

Copysmith’s built-in grammar checker guarantees your work is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. This is crucial as having typos in your material can make it look unprofessional and undermine your trust. In this way, Copysmith works as your ai writing assistant.

You don’t want to lose your audience due to careless mistakes like these. Building a steady flow of visitors is crucial.

Readability Scale

Another feature of Copysmith is that it rates the readability of your articles. Since you want your material to be read and understood without any difficulty, this is crucial.

Copysmith provides a readability score for your articles to ensure they are simple to read and comprehend. In contrast, a low readability score indicates that your information is challenging to read and comprehend.

Usage of Copysmith

Bulk Generation

Copysmith is capable of generating content in large quantities. Copysmith means you can generate up to ten different marketing content simultaneously.

Suppose you are the owner of a company, and you want to publish material quickly and frequently. In that case, Copysmith can assist you in producing content at a large scale without compromising the quality of the work.

Management of Workflows and Collaboration Within Applications

Copysmith’s workflow management system enables real-time collaboration with other users so that you can work on projects simultaneously.

For instance, if you’re working with an internal marketing team, you may effectively oversee the content generation process with the help of your writers and editors.

Export Capability for Content

You can export your work in a variety of formats thanks to the content export option that Copysmith provides.

Alternately, if you want to use Copysmith on a Medium site, you may easily do so with just a few clicks 

Content That Is Optimized for SEO

Copysmith is AI copywriting software for content marketing and product descriptions with search engines in mind. When your material is optimized for search engines, Copysmith increases the likelihood that it will be discovered by the audience you are trying to reach.

Third-Party App Integration

Copysmith can integrate with apps developed by other companies. Because of this, you will effectively be able to utilize Copysmith in conjunction with other applications, such as Google Docs.

Copysmith Templates

First, let’s take a deeper dive into the functionality of Copysmith. As was previously said, this is a solution designed to alleviate the burden of content generation that so many businesses face when launching online shops and blogs.

The following are examples of the templates you have available:


  • Product descriptions for Amazon

  • Google ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Carousel ads

  • Instagram ads

  • Product descriptions for social media

  • LinkedIn ads


  • Article writing AI assistant

  • Blog outlining

  • Product descriptions ideas

  • Blog posting

  • Blog idea creation


  • AIDA framework

  • Advertisements ideas

  • Listicles/ List content

  • YouTube-based Video product descriptions

  • Advertisement headlines

  • Captions for posts

  • Pain benefit solution

  • Unique Content ideas

  • FAQs

Brand Promotion

  • Brand Essence

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Event press release

  • Brand Taglines

  • Webiste Landing pages

  • SEO metatags


  • Short sales emails

  • Article summaries

  • Content enhancer

  • Pitch yourself

  • Content rewriter

How does Copysmith Work?

Copysmith helps ease the process of writing content for your website by performing all of the laborious tasks on your behalf.

Copysmith will generate material for you in seconds when you supply it with a topic to write about. How to do it:

Make a User Account

To begin, you must register for an account and sign in to Copysmith. After successfully logging in, include a topic for Copysmith to work from, which will produce a piece of text for you.

Pick a Template

Be sure to pick the appropriate template depending on what you require to ensure that you will be provided high-quality content by the service.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can generate a new piece of material with the help of the content rewriter function. Continue till you are satisfied.

Export article

You have the ability to choose the total number of words, the tone of voice, and the format of your article.

As soon as you are satisfied with the content Copysmith generated, you can publish it immediately to your website or blog.

Negatives of Copysmith

The use of Copysmith comes with several advantages; nevertheless, there are also many constraints to take into consideration.

These are the following:

Fewer opportunities for personalization

When you use Copysmith, one of its drawbacks is that you are restricted in the degree to which you may personalize the information it generates.

You will be able to select from a number of different templates when using the program. Still, if you want complete control over the manner in which your content is written, it is likely best for you to collaborate with a human copywriter.

Checks for plagiarism are only limited

If you subscribe to the most basic plan, you will only be able to run 10 checks for plagiarism per month.

It’s not as good as it could be

Copysmith has several drawbacks, one being that the software is not foolproof. There will still be occasions when the artificial intelligence system makes mistakes or produce content that is not up to pace, despite the fact that it is quite adept at comprehending context & producing relevant copy.

Copysmith Plans and Pricing

Copysmith provides customers with a choice between three pricing tiers: Starter, Business, & Enterprise. Along with these, Copysmith users can get a free trial.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is an excellent choice for personal blogs and small companies.

You receive 50 credits & 20 plagiarism checks each month for $19 a month. Integration with third-party apps and support for use within the app are also included.

Professional Plan

Your team will receive 400 credits & 100 plagiarism checks each month for $59 per month. Additionally, third-party app integration and in-app assistance are included. In addition, each upload is limited to 100 files and 100 SKUs.

In addition to expertise and a personalized copy, Copysmith provides access for five people and includes capabilities for collaborative work.

Enterprise Plan

This premium package of Copysmith is ideal for large organizations and online retailers who do e-commerce. You can purchase unlimited monthly credits for the low price of $149, which grants you access to features such as bulk product descriptions & bulk content development.

Nevertheless, the pricing plan that is best suited to your requirements and financial constraints will be the one you choose.

The Final Verdict on Copysmith

Copysmith is a fantastic new resource for writers to save time. Copysmith is a beautiful addition to your content strategy if you want to increase brand awareness and boost your google ads. It gives you blog ideas, a blog intro, a blog outline, email subject lines, and much other stuff. Copysmith’s easy-to-understand price structure might be somewhat reasonable, depending on your needs.

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